Main Character

1, Ink-jet head with constant air pressure
2, Without any touch to membrane
3, Dispense length & volume can be changed easily
4, Positioning of the nozzle can be easily operated
5, Many types of Nozzles with different diameter
6 ,Repeat dispensing (line on line)can be performed.
7,Small volume of antibody can be dispensed using 1.5ml microtube
8, Line length can be changed
9, Air-pressure method easily enables nozzle washing
10, Nozzle positioning can be made with Y,Z,positioning stage
11, Menbrane can be easily fixed by magnet
12, Nozzles:usual 1 option 2 to 4
13, Colloidal gold can be dispensed using the it's accessories

ImmunoLiner 200
Method Ink-jet dispensing with constant air pressure
Nozzle fixed Mmenbrane Moving method
Menbrane length 5-32 cm
Line Length 5-32cm 1cm step
Nozzle heads 1,2(Option)
Vessel 1.5ml MicroTube 15ml ,50ml Conical Tube 100ml Duran Bottle
Reagent Volume 0.3ul~2ul/cm 0.01ul step
Line width Minimum: under 1mm
Air Pressure Manual adjustment with pressure regulator
nozzle height Manual adjustment with positioning stage
Nozzle Diameter Normal 100um:option 250,125,75um
Operation Easy Operation form PC
Option Easily customized for users
Size 67cm (W) X 34cm (D) X 38cm(H)
Price JPYen 2,200,000~
Precise Positioning Using 2 Positioning Stage

Using 1.5ml MMicrotube small volume of reagent can be dispensed

In addition coloidal gold can be also dispensed